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The American Automobile

Ever since man stuck four rubber tires on a steel frame with an engine to make it go, we have been a country on wheels. And the fasination didn't stop with those first few contraptions.

The American public have been driving for over one hundred years now. And even though modern cars are built far better than their ancestors were, it's the antique and classic autos that hold our interest.

This blog is dedicated to the everyday motor car. The pictures here, for the most part, show cars in everyday use. And drivers having fun just driving.

Are you an antique car nut?

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I'm 65 years old and have lived in the Akron-Tallmadge, Ohio area all of my life. For 10-years (1957-1967) I lived most summers at our home in Cook Forest, Pa. I'm a U.S. Army veteran (1971-1973). I collect many things such as: antique cars, antique firearms, movies, movie props, old newspapers and posters, Wyatt Earp items, Civil War items, John Wayne items, items from the old west including Native American items, just about anything historical. I've been married for 42-years. My wife and I have a son and a daughter and four granddaughters.