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The American Automobile

Ever since man stuck four rubber tires on a steel frame with an engine to make it go, we have been a people with power. And the fasination did not stop with those first few contraptions.

The caveman started it all when they invented the wheel. It made our lives so much easier. Over the centuries we have put the wheel onto carts, wagons, trains, airplane, and of course, automobiles. Then man discovered the gasoline engine. What better way to use it than to set it onto four wheels?

Before the automobile, most people never got more than 50 miles from their homes in their entire lifetime. To go to town was an all day trip. Sometimes it was a two day drip. After the automobile was introduced to the public, people could finally go to town, visit relatives in other towns, go out for the everning, go to a movie and, the favorite event in those early days of motoring, go on a picnic.

It was a highlight of life in the 19teens and 1920s to pack the car early in the morning with food and drink, outdoor games, a blanket and maybe swimsuits. Then lock the house, jump into the car and drive 20 to 30 miles to the country and park in an open field and have a picnic. People would leave at 8:00 am and get home around 8:00 that night.

The American public have been driving now for well over 100-years. And even though modern cars are built far better than their ancestors were, it's the antique and classic vehicles that get and hold our interest. The sleek lines of the body, the rumbling sound of the engine, the gadgets that came standard at the time, the feel of the ride, the interiors, all these things are a part of our auto fasination. We drive cars of the present to go to cruise-ins and car shows to see cars of the past.

The cars of today will never stand in the same spotlight as the classics of yesterday and we all know it. That's why we love to see the old cars.

This blog is dedicated to the everyday motor car. The pictures here, for the most part, show cars in everyday use. And drivers having fun just doing what they loved to!

Are you an antique car nut?



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